P2T Converter
P2T Converter

Atrust P2T ( PC to Thin Client ) Converter is designed to transform existing computers into Atrust thin clients. These computers then run as an Atrust Linux based thin clients and are manageable over the network by Atrust Device Manager ( remote client management software ) which is installed on the host server.

Atrust Device Manager
Atrust Device Manager is a powerful software for managing a large number of thin client devices in desktop virtualization infrastructure. It enables IT administrator to remotely deploy, manage, update clients, and assist users from a single computer. The administrator can manage and update clients simply and quickly in groups with a flexible and secure mechanism. Additionally, the IT administrator can remotely assist users in resolving problems or configuring local settings.
The key features of Atrust Device Manager
● helping the management of clients (without a pre-installed operating system) devices
● pushing custom settings to a large number of clients
● updating firmware and installing software packages for clients
● rebooting, powering off, and waking clients simply through the local network
● helping users to troubleshoot problems remotely
● identifying clients and managing IT assets with detailed client information
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