Atrust Auto Setup
Atrust Auto Setup
Atrust Auto Setup
Atrust Auto Setup is a powerful management tool helping users with configuration on startup and entry to the desired user environment.

A Smart Way to Configure Thin Clients
Quickly manage your Atrust thin clients, from a few to thousands, with Atrust Auto Setup. View your system settings and make changes in just a few simple clicks.

Reducing Administration Costs and Time
Easy plug-n-play operation with auto configuration, all from one single management server, to save the administration costs and time. No longer need to setup one by one. Setup once and Atrust Auto Setup helps to deploy the configuration to every thin client.
Auto Setup Flow
Auto Setup Flow
1. Atrust thin client boots up and looks for DHCP server.
2. DHCP server provides Web / FTP server IP address.
3. Atrust thin client checks and gets Web / FTP server for configuration files.
4. Atrust thin client connects to remote session using one of the following:
 ● Citrix
 ● Microsoft
 ● VMware
 ● Web-based apps
5. Session established and application is launched.

Advantages of Auto Setup

Auto configuration
All configuration, firmware or certificate update files will pass to Atrust thin clients via Web / FTP server automatically.

Individual privilege levels
Individual privilege levels can be set separately at different INI files, which enhances the management of different users, especially when a large number of thin clients are deployed.

Multiple user authentications
Multiple authentication settings for multiple users when log in to thin clients.

Friendly graphic user interface
Atrust Auto Setup simplifies the process of creating the configuration file by providing user a friendly and intuitive graphic user interface ( GUI ).