Manage, Control, monitor and update your Atrust devices – from anywhere

Aug 28, 2020

Atrust Computer corp. is releasing  their highly anticipated ADM Cloud Gateway (ACG). This simple, yet highly secure solution offers customers a way to not only manage their devices across the globe with profile management and shadow support, but also push out firmware updates, SSL certificates and other required files in encrypted format. Maximize your external workforce productivity and simplify your administration of external devices.


The ACG solution have been built and designed with IT professionals in mind, offering practical, secure, reliable and efficient administration with a few clicks of a button. Giving you the piece of mind that not only your office users but also your remote workers.


As with ADM, scaling up is as easy as adding more devices to your environment. ACG offers customers the ability to utilize a gateway provided by Atrust or using their own gateway with their cloud provider of choice.



The ACG solution requirement is divided into 4 parts:


  • Supported ADM Version

  • Supported Firmware for Windows, Atrust Linux or Atrust P2T

  • Gateway (provided by Atrust or an on-premises solution)

  • WebDAV server for Firmware updates and other file transfer





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About Atrust:

Established in 2007, Atrust is a creative, professional, and enthusiastic team which has rich experience in designing, producing Thin Client, Zero Client, Server and Management Software. The objectives of Atrust are to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency and environmental friendly products as well as comprehensive solutions. For more information on Atrust is available on


For more information on Atrust is available on or contact Atrust Computer Sales Office at