Atrust P2T Converter and P2T USB Now Citrix HDX 3D Pro, HDX Premium and HDX Ready Verified

Dec 19, 2017

Taipei, Taiwan — December 19th, 2017 — Atrust Computer Corp., the leading thin client computing and server manufacturer, announces that its P2T Converter and P2T USB, have fulfilled the certifications for Citrix HDX 3D Pro, HDX Premium, and HDX Ready.

Citrix HDX technology is a set of capabilities that delivers a high-definition desktop virtualization user experiences for any application, device or network. It also delivers bandwidth-efficient, smooth voice, multimedia and video. The highest of the 3-leveled Citrix HDX technology is HDX 3D Pro technology, which is designed to optimize the virtualization of rich graphics applications. Atrust thin client converter and the smallest on-the-go device - P2T Converter and P2T USB, provide a high-performance virtual desktop experience by incorporating the most recent HDX Technology. They can both be easily integrated into businesses of any sizes.

Atrust P2T(PC to Thin Client) Converter is designed to convert existing X86 computers into an Atrust thin clients. These devices will run as Atrust Linux-based thin clients and are manageable over the network by Atrust Device Manager. P2T helps customers extend the life cycle of their existing PC estate and reduces the cost of hardware investment.

Atrust P2T USB is the smallest on-the-go thin client, which enables users to access cloud service, server-based computing applications or virtual desktops through their existing PC devices. Its size is (W) 12.2 x (D) 22.4 x (H) 6 mm, no larger than a USB flash drive. Simply insert it in, boot up and start. It allows users to work anytime, anywhere without complicated deployment.

Atrust P2T Converter and P2T USB come with Atrust Client Setup (ACS) and Atrust Device Manager (ADM), the pre-installed central management tools for automatic configuration, firmware updates and troubleshooting remotely. This cuts out the need for additional IT administration costs, consequently lowering the total cost of ownership.

Combined with Citrix HDX technology, Atrust P2T Converter and P2T USB extend HDX capabilities to deliver a high-definition user experience and expand the possibility to organizations, such as educational institutions, government agencies, financial services and insurance companies, healthcare centers, retail stores and call center agencies.

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