Warranty Service

Atrust values your business and always attempts to deliver the very best of quality and reliability. Please note that service network may vary by service channels and regions. If your product is purchased from an authorized distributor or reseller, please directly contact your seller for regional warranty information and service. If you purchase products directly from Atrust, please see below for warranty information and obtaining service.


Atrust also makes available to direct purchasers of its products an additional 3-year out of warranty repair services on reasonable charges. Please contact Atrust directly for further information by registering as a member of this website and addressing your requests at http://www.atrustcorp.com/user/login.html .

Warranty PolicyThis warranty policy is for Atrust's direct customers only. Atrust may update it from time to time without further notice. Please visit here for detail.   Registration and RMAYou may create your own membership with Atrust and register your Atrust product(s) here to apply for repair or replacement service on line.