Userful Multiplatform Solution

Atrust Userful Multiplatform is a simple solution that deploy Cloud and Linux desktops on cost-effective zero client devices. IT Administrators can deploy more than many virtual desktops from 1 computer. Each user gets an independent and high performance computing experience.


Based on Userful Multiplatform, Atrust offers an integrated system solution incorporating the host server (Atrust s101A/s101/st110A), zero clients (m300/m302/m320).

Benefits of Atrust Userful Multiplatform Solution

Easy transition to cloud computing
Atrust Userful Multiplatform Solution is easy to transit to Cloud and/or Linux desktops.
Deploy the zero client stations where needed
Zero clients can be connected to Ethernet ports and/or to USB ports on the host PC.
No single point of failure
In case of hardware failure, zero clients connected to one host through the LAN are automatically transferred to another Userful host in the LAN.
Run cloud sessions
Users that only need web applications can run browser based stations.
Simple plug and play setup
Grow simply by adding stations as needed.

Significant cost-savings

- Zero client devices cost lower than traditional PC and consume less than 5W of power.
- Lower up-front and ongoing IT costs.
- Reduce software licensing costs by using free open source applications (with Linux OS).
- Reduce electricity consumption.
- Less space and cabling required.
- Save staff time - install software on one PC, and software is available to all users on each connected station.

How It Works

The solution comprises Atrust s101A/s101/st110A server, Atrust m300/m302/m320 zero clients. You can choose among or combine different types of clients to suit your needs.