Atrust ADM Cloud Gateway


ADM Cloud Gateway (ACG) is an addon to the Atrust Device Manager allowing you to manage all your Atrust devices wherever they are in the world. Home users, remote offices and those working on the road can all be administered via ACG using a standard internet connection.


No need for expensive VPN solutions as you push out the necessary settings and updates to your Atrust devices, maintaining business continuity while ensuring the highest standards of security is met. Whether you are an MSP(Managed Service Provider) or an organisation with multiple sites and home users, ACG will help you simplify your management overhead of all these locations.


For the truly mobile users we recommend the Atrust Laptop Thin Client solutions available in multiple models. The Atrust ADM Cloud Gateway solution offers IT administrators a powerful tool to complete all necessary management functions.


Setup of ACG could not be easier with two options available depending on customer needs:

  1. 1. An on-premises in the DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) or a Perimeter network.
  2. 2. A Cloud based service hosted by your cloud solution provider of choice. GCP, AWS, Azure etc.




  • Secure channels between ADM and endpoint devices.

  • Variety of Cloud Based solutions for hosting.

  • Automatic registration over WAN for the endpoint devices.

  • Customise settings for remote endpoint devices management over WAN.

  • Reboot and shutdown over WAN.

  • Firmware upgrades/software package installation through WAN.

  • Schedule automated tasks.

  • Shadow function for remote assistance.



Technical Specification
Connectivity Internet Access (Need a public IP address)
On-Premises Server Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04 Linux Server
Cloud Based Server Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04 Linux Server on the Cloud solution
(eg. GCP, AWS, Azure etc.)


ARM Linux t66, t66DL, t32C, t35, t10A
A66, A200A
x86 Linux t68L, t68LD, t76L, t10L
t175L, t176L, t177L, t180L, t225L
A200L, A210L
mt182L, mt182SL, mt188L
P2T P2T Converter, P2T USB
Windows 10 IoT t68W, t68WD, t76W, t10W
t175W, t176W, t180W, t225W, t225WQ
A200W, A210W
mt182W, mt182SW, mt188W
NOTE: The list above is not exhausted; newly developed models may be included in the future.